The first alien home  on Earth



IMANOFUTU (Open Fiction Series)

Volume 3, Subtitle: The first alien home on Earth

Author : P. Anil Prasad

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Year of publishing : April, 2015

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ISBN : 1511583053

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To my Dearest Mother Earth


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Dear friends,

The first volume of IMANOFUTU – Imaginary Nation of the Future – was, in fact, a prologue to the series to familiarize the readers with the living environment of Imanofutu in the twenty first century. The second volume published on December 25 2014 depicted the initial days of the presidency of Sugirl (super girl), the first woman president of Imanofutu along with some crucial events happened in the life of Imanofuteans in the beginning of twenty second century. Now the third volume starts from where we stopped reading the second volume – the aliens! The second volume concluded with the forced landing of an alien vehicle on the eastern coast of Imacifutu, the capital of Imanofutu, and the initial attempts of the Imanofutean scientists and other experts to study the alien vehicle and the aliens inside it. This 3rd volume narrates the story of Imanofuteans’ engagement with the aliens.

Warm regards                                                               April  25 , 2015

P. Anil Prasad

CHAPTER 1: World celebrates the arrival of aliens

Eighteen hours passed since the Imanofuteans forced an alien vehicle to land on the eastern seashore of Imacifutu, the capital of Imanofutu. It was around 6 pm. Now, making things more difficult, the acid rain started a few minutes ago. Amidst an emergency meeting in the makeshift control room set up near the alien vehicle, Ms. Sugirl, the president of Imanofutu, sat gazing at the vehicle through the specially tinted window that prevented radiations from the piercing light of the evening sun.

Though the Imanofutean government tried its level best to conceal the incident for the time being of the public to avert the creation of media hype and panic among people, detailed narrations about it  began to spread very fast through the Netizens’ Community Networks. The NCNs were a higher order generation of cyberspace that existed in the twenty first century.

            Consequent on the spread of the news, the Imanofuteans, especially those who lived in Imacifutu, became highly excited and panic at the same time. It created a very sensitive situation as the authorities feared. Many centuries old stories about the aliens had at last come true! It was the major cause of excitement. The reason for the panic was the speculations about a possible attack by other aliens to save the captivated ones. Along with that, make-believe stories about the approaching contingents of flying saucers and the aliens’ plans to take revenge on the man were also spreading very fast. Therefore, the people of Imacifutu feared to move out of the UGL space. However, that turn of events, in fact, helped the authorities a lot in crowd management at the spot where the alien vehicle was landed.

            But the relief of the authorities was short-lived one. The fear of the people made way to excitement and the excitement gave way to jubilation.  The people of Imacifutu were able to overcome the initial confusion and fears very soon and began to flow to the place. It put Imacifutu City Guards, who restricted entry into the eastern coastal area, under tremendous pressure in terms of mob control.  The Imanofutu Border Agency was also facing high compulsions from the foreign governments to permit the contingents of their experts to visit the place.

             The mood of jubilation crossed the borders of Imanofutu very soon and it embraced the entire world in no time. Thus, it became the first event that triggered universal jubilation since the world began to be choked in the dangerous clutches of environmental issues from the second decade of twenty first century.

CHAPTER 2; A crucial decision

Sugirl named the alien investigation mission as ‘Animan Eka’, which meant  ‘Alien First Time’ in Imana language.. In Imana ‘animan’ meant ‘alien’ and  ‘eka’ meant ‘first time’. She also appointed Ms. Futura, a senior scientist at the Imanofutu Space Agency as the mission commander with more authority.

Ms. Futura was already working as the team leader for the mission. Sugirl decided to include experts from the nations that were supporting Imanofutu in tackling the fast approaching asteroid danger also in the Animan Eka Mission.

It was very clear to the experts in Animan Eka Mission that  further progress in the matter would be possible only if they could open the vehicle and see the aliens. However, the consensus in the team was to wait till they get some reliable information on the place of origin of the aliens.

Three days passed without providing any information on the place of origin of the aliens. It put the alien mission team into a very difficult situation.

            The emergency meeting convened by Ms. Futura discussed the various  alternatives before them in details. Finally the team arrived at a conclusion that further delay in opening the vehicle might make the situation worse. Moreover, since the alien vehicle  had been resisting the scanning, the results from the scanners were also not fully reliable. Now the big question before them was ‘HOW?’

            Dead silence overshadowed the emergency meeting of the mission team. Everyone was thinking about the possible ways and procedures for opening the vehicle. Another worry of the scientists was that so far they could not arrive at any reliable assumption  on the possible worst case impacts on opening the alien vehicle. They feared it might cause dangers to the aliens inside the vehicle as well as the masses outside.

            As the meeting went on, the monitors in the control room that displayed images from the outside began to display brown rain drops. The acid rain started! The Imanofutu Weather Agency had already issued warning about a torrential acid rain. Now the discussions of the mission team turned in that direction. ‘Will the acid rain cause any problems to the aliens and their vehicle?”.

            At that time, providing some stress relief to all, Mr. Nucleon, the atomic energy advisor to Sugirl, entered into the mission control room. Every one greeted the veteran scientist with much respect.

CHAPTER 3; The possible dangers of opening the alien vehicle

Right away on seeing Mr. Nucleon, Futura asked him whether the continuing acid rain would cause any damage to the alien vehicle. Then Nucleon took a deep breath and told her with a smile:

“Even a simple acid rain suit helped me to walk in the rain from the tube rail station to here safely. Then a space vehicle should definitely withstand it. Moreover, I don’t think that the aliens came to our planet by mistake. Definitely it should be a well-considered, well designed and well equipped mission. They may be well equipped to face our climate conditions as well”

With the above words of Mr. Nucleon, the discussions of the team again switched over to the possible dangers while opening the vehicle and mitigation measures. During the course of the discussions, a NASA official appeared in the VHM and passed along some vital info. According to the official, the cosmic sound analyzers from their satellites orbiting various locations in the milky way had recorded a sound in progression during the assumed travel period of the alien vehicle. The final recording was by a satellite orbiting earth. From the frequency, it was detected that it proceeded to the point in the outer atmosphere of Imanofutu where the alien vehicle was brought under aerodynamic arrest by Imanofutean authorities.  The possible place of origin could be beyond the milky way.

            After hearing the above message Mr. Nucleon said:

“ Now it is very clear that there is no meaning in waiting further. So, I support your decision to open the vehicle”.

The mission team continued its discussions on the possible dangers with enhanced interest now.

“From the findings you have made so far, I assume that, radiation is the source of energy for the aliens as well as the vehicle. Therefore, we should take extra care while opening the vehicle.” – Everyone agreed with that word of Mr. Nucleon.

The level of radiation from the alien vehicle was supposed to be strong enough to develop the acute radiation syndrome. The scientists feared that it would be strong enough to cause  cellular degradation due to damage to DNA and other key molecular structures within the cells in various tissues. There was chances for people to be exposed to more than 30 Gy of radiation. Absorption of more than 30 Gy of ionizing radiation energy would cause death in forty eight hours.

From the above it was again assumed that the planet of origin of aliens might have been the one having very high radiation. Therefore the aliens had probably stored high radiation materials in their vehicle to create a normal living environment for them during their travel to Earth.

Now, based on the above hypothesis, the team began to develop a protocol for opening the vehicle  by ensuring the safety of the men, other living beings and the aliens.

CHAPTER 4; The protocol for opening the alien vehicle

Late night 1.30 AM. From the latter half of twenty first century onwards, general working hours was shifted to night by law because of the exorbitant day time temperature. While travelling on the tube train from Imacifutu UGL central place to the eastern coast of Imacifutu, Ms. Futura was thinking about the protocol to be adopted for opening the alien vehicle. The first priority would be to avoid possible dangers from very strong nuclear radiations – she decided.

            But she was not that panicky about it. Because, in the twenty first century itself, as part of manufacturing portable nuclear power generators, the Imanofuteans had developed reliable radiation protection capsules. The radiation protection capsules were the outer covering of generators. Now it was only the case of using it in a scaled up manner.

Immediately after reaching the mission control, Futura discussed the matter with the Imanofutu Nuclear Power Corporation’s CEO over VHM. During the discussion, it was decided to  develop a large Radiation Protection Capsule (RPC) that can accommodate the alien vehicle. The vehicle would be moved to the RPC for opening and further investigations.

Normally to insulate something from radiation, large quantity of mass was required. But the most modern technology of IAPC could use specially processed condensed air to act as radiation resistors within a shell that reflects radiation to special kinds of radiation absorption rods. The rods could absorb radiation in any quantity and use the radiation to make itself frozen. Thus the reflector shell, resisting air and rods together prevented radiation escape from the capsule completely.

            After bringing the radiation protection capsule to the site, highly sophisticated movers would be used to move the alien vehicle into it. Then the robot drillers with microscopic radiation sensing needles would drill the vehicle and measure the radiation at various locations inside the vehicle. Another set of scanning needles would find out the doors and locking systems in the vehicle so that a procedure could be developed to open the vehicle without damaging it. Finally the super intelligent robots of the Imanofutu Space Agency would open the vehicle using the above information.

CHAPTER 5; Countdown for opening the vehicle

In another three days after finalizing the protocol for opening the alien vehicle,  Imanofutu Atomic Energy Corporation had successfully made two very large radiation protection capsules and brought it to the site of the alien vehicle. Then, as decided earlier, the vehicle was moved to one of the capsules using movers. After parking the alien vehicle inside the radiation protection capsule, the mission team converted the other capsule into a mission control room.

After completing the initial checkups, driller robots having microscopic needles for various purposes were deployed within the RPC, wherein the alien vehicle was parked.

            The plan was that one of the robots will drill down  microscopic sensor needles into the outer shell of the alien vehicle to reach the inner plasma like portion. Those needles were actually specially made sensors, which could measure various aspects of atomic experiments without being affected by the tremendous energy and reactions during such experiments.

            The general agreement among the mission members was that only based on the results of the drilling process, further steps for opening the vehicle would be decided. It was a very dangerous and challenging job. The mission team desperately wanted to establish some sort of communication with the aliens so that the outcome of their venture would become more predictable.

CHAPTER 6; Peeping into the mysteries of the alien vehicle

The hearts of everyone in the mission team as well as those oversee from outside were throbbing with a mixed feeling of fear, anxiety and curiosity, while the robot drillers were given instruction to start drilling the outer shell of the vehicle. They called the protocol developed for opening the vehicle as a protocol of hypothesis, and therefore the outcome of the process was highly unpredictable.   

Within a fraction of a second after commencing the drilling, the radiation detectors began to show a medium level of radiation inside the radiation protection capsule, wherein the alien vehicle was parked. When the needle of the robot touched the plasma kind of matter between the two shells of the alien vehicle, the radiation levels in the inner chamber had reached life threatening levels. However, everybody was very happy that their robot drillers were able to touch the plasma matter without getting damaged in that process. It implied that the radiation levels were controllable to the technology available with the mission team. Definitely, it was a moment of greater relief to each member in the mission team. Moreover, it was the first crucial milestone that the mission team had successfully completed. Thereafter the extremely powerful eyes of the sensors were opened to the hidden secrets of the alien vehicle.

CHAPTER 7;  A strange nuclear reaction!

Before starting the drilling experiment, the mission scientists thought that there was only a two shell covering for the alien vehicle and the plasma like matter was filled in between those two shells. Now when the robot drillers inserted sensors into the outer shell of the vehicle, they could identify many transparent layers of a strange material compartmentalize the plasma matter.

The plasma like matter as seen in-between the outer and inner shells of the alien vehicle became a reason for great wonder to the nuclear  physicists in the alien mission team. It was a strange variant of active nuclear plasma as seen in the sun; always active and energy generating. The physicists also identified that the shells of the alien vehicle and the layers in between the shells were functioning as reaction moderators.

            The plasma like matter, in fact, opened a window to a territory of science that was mysterious to men. Though the nuclear reaction was very high, the temperature of the plasma matter was  minus seventeen degree Celsius! It meant, either no heat was generated as a result of the nuclear reaction or the produced heat was absorbed as such at the very moment of its generation. Anyway, it was a real  marvel for the nuclear science! Probably, the nuclear science in the earth would have to go a long way to find out the working principle of the plasma like matter in the alien vehicle.

CHAPTER 8; Plasma electricity

The next wonder that the alien vehicle reserved for the mission team was in the form of plasma electricity.

As the drilling experiment continued, the team found out the radiation produced as a result of ongoing atomic reaction in the plasma like matter was being converted to electric energy at the same moment. But that discovery also posed a challenge to the experts. Though they clearly identified the generation of electricity, they could not find any flow of electricity. The generated electricity was disappearing at the same moment!

 “What does happen to the generated electricity?” – it became a very difficult question. When a few hours passed without any clue on it, Ms. Futura contacted Mr. Nucleon over VHM, because she knew that wild guesses of Mr. Nucleon always led to realities. Nuclear science was that much a part of his life.

After learning the details of the challenging situation from Ms. Futura, Mr. Nucleon sat as if in meditation and said: “It may be getting converted to some other form… some other form that travels without circuits… waves, perhaps..”

Right away on hearing the words of Mr. Nucleon, Ms. Futura thought she found what she desired. The team immediately explored the possibilities of what Mr. Nucleon said and, to their surprise, they got reliable indications  that the electric energy thus produced was again converted to ultrasound waves and was being transmitted. While continuing the drilling experiment, yet another mystery of the alien vehicle was unveiled before them. The ultrasound wave produced out of  electricity was being absorbed at certain locations in the vehicle and again converted to  electric energy by some unknown process!

But the scanners were so far not able to locate any device or instrument in the alien vehicle that facilitated the conversion of electric energy to sound waves and vice versa. The images from a large number of different types of scanners so far  showed only two shells, plasma and semi-transparent aliens!

CHAPTER 9; Aliens getting panic?

After the forced landing of the alien vehicle, the radiation dictators identified emission  of various types of radiations from the vehicle. The vehicle was also receiving similar radiations. Subsequently the mission team discovered that the radiation being emitted by the alien vehicle was travelling to the infinity. Similarly the radiation being absorbed by the vehicle was also reaching it from the infinity. While comparing the incoming and outgoing radiations, the scientists established a curious pattern that could be suspected as a sort of communication!

Now, after the commencement of the drilling experiment, the frequency of the incoming and outgoing radiations  increased substantially. The mission team considered it as an indication of the aliens inside the vehicle getting panicky. Similarly hasty movements of the aliens were also being read by the scanners.

Above situation increased the anxiety of the mission team. Nobody knew whatever things the aliens and the alien vehicle could do. Would they attempt a total destruction of the vehicle? Did they have any technology to escape from there? Or whether they had lethal weapons with them and would venture to fight with men? – A lot of open ended questions with no answers were populated in the minds of all in the Animan Eka mission team.

In the meantime, Ms. Futura had further strengthened the mission team by incorporating two scientists from the Space Research Organization of India, who were researching on ‘universe communication tracking’. All the members in the Animan Eka mission thought that establishing some sort of communication with the aliens was very crucial at that moment for the successful completion of the mission, at least to avoid atrocities.

CHAPTER 10; A strange analysis of alien communication

It was noon time. The sun was literally burning things outside. Majority of Imanofuteans were fast asleep in their UGL homes to have a vibrant night living. The communication experts in the Mission team were analysing the patters of the communication like radiations that were coming in and going out of the alien vehicle. Those were really sleepless days for them, because they knew very well that the success of the mission largely depended on their efforts.

Ms. Radiex, a middle aged scientist and the leader of the communication group in the mission team, jumped off from her seat with extreme excitement after a brainstorming with her group members. “We will win… we will win…” – she cried out. Immediately all others in the Animan Eka mission gathered around her. Then, looking at a small instrument, she shouted “Come on, my baby, project it”. Suddenly a virtual laser screen appeared in front of them with a lot of complex graphs.

“What’s this?” – Futura asked suddenly as a very curious student.

“Ms. Futura, these images tell us the possibility of establishing a communication link with our alien friends!”

“HOW???” – Everyone asked at the same time. Then Radiex, with the support of the graphs, explained a strong hypothesis about a radiation communication system. The graphs  represented the relation between selected human as well as the alien activities and the suspected radiation communications from the alien vehicle.

            When Radiex finished her presentation, everybody thought that it was a possibility. For a detailed analysis and further development of the above hypothesis, the communication experts decided to record each activity of the mission team that was considered to be watched by the aliens in the vehicle,  activities of the aliens in response to the human activities, regular activities of the aliens and the frequency and nature of the so called communication radiations.

            At the above turn of the events, everybody in the communication team felt that they were on the verge of finding a solution.

“Shall we fix some word equivalents, to the particular frequency of radiations… depending upon the context?” – A lean young scientist asked. Though initially it was felt very childish to others, since no other solutions came up, the team decided to experiment with the suggestion of the young scientist.

When they finished four hours working with the above idea, they found that they were in the right direction and attained considerable progress. The most important among them was the identification of a header in each outgoing and incoming radiation. The wave modulation of the header was amazingly similar in all such radiations. The scientists fixed the word ‘hello’ to the header modulation. It was the beginning of unrolling the secrets of an alien language!

In the meantime, the radiologists and nuclear scientists studied the header of the radiation in detail and traced its composition rightly. Now their efforts were to reproduce the header radiation in the lab. On the second day after the mission team started the drilling of the vehicle, the scientists were able to produce the header radiation wave. Immediately the mission leader called for a meeting and in the meeting they decided to emit the header radiation and observe the response of the aliens.

As a test dose, they emitted the header radiation two times to the radiation protection capsule where the alien vehicle was parked. But no particular response was observed. They repeated it for three times. Now, surprisingly, the mission team got a radiation emission from the alien vehicle with a response header, though not exactly same as the original header radiation that they had identified earlier. However, it was a historic moment! It was the man’s first meaningful communication with the aliens!

CHAPTER 11; A radiation language

Immediately after the historic moment wherein a weak but formal communication channel was established between the mission team and the aliens, Ms. Futura rushed to the president’s office in the UGL central place of Imacifutu. When she entered the president’s cabin, apart from Sugirl, Humit and Nucleon were also awaiting her.

Everyone embraced Futura and congratulated her and the Animan Eka mission team for the great communication break through. The initial success in establishing communication with the aliens was a great encouragement to the mission team and the entire world. It provided yet another chance for the netizens community networks to celebrate.

To make things happen speedier, that small group discussion held in the office of Sugirl had proposed to constitute a ‘Radiation Language Development Subgroup (RLDS)’ within the group that was entrusted with the task of communication. However, contributions would be solicited from every member of the mission across the task groups. Everyone in the mission, in fact, enjoyed the word by word development of a Radiation Language (RL) for the first time in the history of the world.

            The development of words was in relation to particular incidents in the mission activities and its response radiation emission from the alien vehicle. At times they succeeded and at times they failed. During failures, the team reanalyzed the incidents, the radiation frequencies, and compared it with the earlier success cases and reworked the words and phrases.

            At the end of the third day after the meeting, Futura intimated Sugirl that the mission team established meaningful communication with the aliens. The first meaningful sentence the mission team radiographed and the aliens understood was “do not get panic”.

CHAPTER 12; The first man-alien collaboration

After the initial panic, the aliens seemed to have been settled down, specifically after the initial meaningful communication between them and the mission team. As decided during the discussions at the office of the president, a ‘Radiation Language Development Sub Group’ had been constituted and the sub group analysed each and every activity by the aliens as well as the mission team and developed radiation words. The overall analysis of the responses showed that the aliens were friendly.

            At some point of time, the radiation language development team felt that the aliens were helping them to learn the alien language. When the mission team went wrong, the aliens helped them to correct it by providing hints on the words they used earlier, the words near in meaning or indicative of the new words. But the mission team took some time to realize that genuine effort from the part of the aliens. Once the mission team recognized that, the things became very easy.

            Thus, knowingly or unknowingly, development of the alien language became the first collaborative initiative of aliens and the men. As a result of hard work and sincerity from both the sides, the man-alien collaboration could develop a lot more words and other language components that were vital to continue the communication between the man and the aliens in a fruitful way.

CHAPTER 13; A very crucial change in the strategy

An early morning. Early mornings were the end of normal working hours for Imanofuteans. The Animan Eka mission was  brainstorming about the need for a very crucial strategy change.

Following the successful establishment of friendly communication with the aliens, all in the team felt that they need not venture to forcibly open the alien vehicle as planned earlier.

“Okay friends! I am fully convinced of your arguments. We shall wait for more conversations with the aliens to get themselves open the vehicle” Futura said it as a concluding remark.

            The team unanimously decided that any further step would be taken only with the willful support of the aliens. It could be the first ever diplomatic decision between the man and aliens! Now the mission team had got a fellow feeling towards the aliens for the first time after the commencement of mission activities. Similarly, for the Imanofutean government, the aliens  had become foreign diplomats who had all diplomatic rights and deserve diplomatic care and protection.

            Now, with the complete support of the radiation language development sub group, the Animan Eka mission had to make extensive consultations with the aliens to plan and implement future course of actions. There, of course, occurred some amount of uncertainty. However, the mission was hopeful about a collaborative movement.

CHAPTER 14; Exchange of life saving information

Once the aliens began to be treated as fellow men by the mission team and diplomats by the Imanofutu Government, the need to save aliens’ lives had become the top most priority. For this purpose, the vital lifesaving information was to be obtained from the aliens.  

            The mission team had to know about the ideal living conditions for the aliens so that they could try to create such an environment artificially before requesting the aliens to open the vehicle.

            The language experts packed the data of the environment compositions of the Earth and transmitted it in equivalent radiation language. To their surprise, they immediately got the response from the aliens, which was read as:

“We are made of energy particles that are not visible to your eyes and your machines. You might be seeing a semi-transparent thing moving, it is our space suite and we are safe and invisible within that. ”…

…“We live below minus fifteen degree Celsius temperature and we are fed by radiation. Unfortunately the levels of radiation we need to live is fatal to you all”

“What is the ideal air for you to breath?” – the mission team asked. The response to that question literally shocked the  team.

“We do not breath as you do!”

            “It means a cool place with sufficient radiation is the only requirement for you to live. Isn’t it?” – The Animan Eka mission asked the aliens.

            “You are right. Sorry, shall we stop now? Because we have a conference with our colleagues at home”

“Definitely, let us carry on later”

“Thank you”

It took around five hours to complete the above conversation.

CHAPTER 15; The first alien home on earth

By that time government of Imanofutu started to release daily updates about the aliens through netizens community networks. After getting detailed information on the living conditions of the aliens, the NCN forums started to share amazing designs for the first alien home on the earth. Most of the designs so shared  were the contributions of well-known nuclear reactor designers. Since aliens were fed by radiation, the design of the first ever alien home on the earth had to be developed based on the design of a nuclear reactor!

The mission team was also actively taking part in the NCN forums. The experts in the mission team developed a prototype design by adopting the features of the designs shared on the network and it was modified a lot of times based on international expert consultations. Fifty eight hours after the aliens shared the vital information about their living conditions, the mission team placed the final design of the first alien home before the president of Imanofutu for approval. After a quick VHM meeting with the mission team along with her atomic energy advisor Mr. Nucleon, Sugirl said:

“Friends, go ahead!”

Thus, Imanofutean experts along with their international collaborators began the construction of the first ever alien home on the earth! It took only five days for them to complete its construction. It would have taken many years, if that incident happened in the twenty first century.

            Sugirl personally monitored the  construction of the alien home. Based on the regular exchange of information between the aliens and the mission team using the newly invented radiation language, even the minutest details required for a healthy living of the aliens had been worked out and included in the design.

In the meantime the aliens also shared a message that came as a relief to the mission team ‘the aliens can live healthy in the alien vehicle for a duration equivalent to three earthly months’. However, that time, their plan was to return within twenty five earthly days.

It became a hot news all over the world. The international  pressure on Sugirl to allow large numbers of people, which included researchers, media personnel, students and tourists from other parts of the world to see the aliens before they leave was very high. However, it was not considered to be a good time to allow such requests.

CHAPTER 16; Aliens open the vehicle

The construction of the alien home on the eastern seashore of Imacifutu completed on the ninth day after the arrival of the aliens. On completion of the alien home, it was mutually agreed between the aliens and the mission team that one of the aliens would come out of the vehicle and help the mission team for final inspection of the alien home.

            At the time fixed for opening, a tube like structure began to be projected from the alien vehicle. Anxiety and anticipations surpassed all limitations while the world waited, holding breath to see the first alien standing on the earth. Finally an alien with semi-transparent oval shaped body in blue colour and with a tale portion flowed out of the tube and floated in the air!  It was truly a historic moment. People really saw an alien for the first time in the history of the world!

The semi-transparent body like structure that was seen by the men and the machines was actually the protective suit as the aliens had communicated earlier. They could live forty six hours within that suite on the earth. It also meant that, the alien who came out of the vehicle had to return to it within that time limit.

Another noticeable thing was the fact that, though the aliens lived on radiation, the radiation sensors of the mission team did not provide any indication of radiation when the alien came out of the vehicle. However, it was not a surprise to the team as the Imanofuteans used to manufacture compact nuclear gen sets for home use with radiation protection capsules that ensured hundred percent prevention of radiation leakage.

CHAPTER 17; The alien enters his first earthly home

The alien home was constructed hundred meters away from the alien vehicle. It was done so to ensure the safety of the aliens in the event of a nuclear accident.  The mission team had arranged a special vehicle to transport the alien to the home. But the alien preferred  to drift  away to the earthly home like a feather, guided by the radiation language signals. Finally the alien entered the home correctly by following the instructions from the Animan Eka mission control room.

Entry of the alien into the home was a very challenging as well as dangerous process, because entering into the alien home also meant opening a live nuclear reactor. Most advanced robots were deployed to assist the aliens to open and enter the home. However, there was anxiety till the last second whether the aliens would work in coordination with the robots.

When the alien guest entered the earthly home, the mission team detected hectic radiation communications between the alien inside the home and the alien vehicle as well as between the alien vehicle and some unknown location in the infinity of  space.

                After seven hours, the alien returned to the vehicle and the mission team got a message thanking and requesting the team to wait a little for their analysis report.

CHAPTER 18; All Aliens move to the earthly home

Putting an end to four hours of  uncertainty, the aliens communicated their decision to move to the earthly home built for them by the Imanofuteans. The mission team received that message with much excitement. Indirectly it was an approval for their alien home design.

Amidst great jubilation, five aliens came out of the vehicle one by one and drifted towards the earthly home. A few minutes after entering the home, they requested some modifications and a few additional things to make the environment within the home more congenial and comfortable. The mission team and the aliens worked together to carry out the modifications as well as to fix the additional things. It made the relations between the aliens and the men quite natural and normal as among foreign national collaborators on the earth.

Apart from jubilation, it was also a moment of greater relief to the researchers and engineers, because now they would get more time to work out future plans with the support of the aliens.

Ms. Futura asked the aliens whether they would require additional support to move the instruments, equipment etc from the vehicle to the home. Their reply to it was another shocking surprise. The aliens said they had technology to produce the clone of anything and they had already produced the clone of all required equipment in the earthly home!

CHAPTER 19; Things become more orderly

The aliens were continuing as nameless creatures. Though a regular communication channel was established between the aliens and the mission team, the mission team had no clue on the individual aliens in the vehicle. The team also did not know whether the aliens had a team leader concept for their mission.

            In the scanners and now in the special cameras in the aliens’ home, all the aliens appeared similar. Therefore, immediately after the successful movement of aliens from the vehicle to the home, the mission team decided that the next top priority would be to know each alien individually.

            The mission team communicated its above desire to the aliens. As a response, the aliens communicated five name like words that the mission team could read as – Zux7x, Rux3d, Gu005xi, Mu5 and Pu0x0x. With respect to the question about leadership among them, the aliens communicated that they follow leader Mu5.

            At that time the radiation gauge in the control room of the mission set out an alarm showing a dip in the radiation levels in the alien home. Immediately a task team examined the radiation generation system and found that some equipment brought in by the aliens to the home was actually disrupting the radiation generation. The mission team communicated the same to the aliens. Then the aliens replied :

            “Don’t worry, we were examining our radiation regulation equipment as part of a study”. It was a clear indication that the aliens started to study the peculiarities of human nuclear radiation technology that was used in their earthly home.

CHAPTER 20; Indications on the place of origin

Though Animan Eka mission was able to collect a lot of information about the aliens, the place of their origin still remained mysterious. But the mission was collecting information in accordance with the priorities it had set. Now, after getting a rough idea about the individual aliens, the next priority of the mission team was to know about the place of origin of the aliens.

            When the communication topics were changed to space, distance and time, the experts in the radiation language development sub group and the aliens, who were wholeheartedly supporting the efforts of the sub group, faced greater challenges. Both the parties had to struggle a lot to decode ideas with respect to distance, positioning in the universe etc  The concepts and units of those were extremely different.  Therefore the basic alien standards and units for metrics, numbers, relative positions, relativity etc were to be decoded urgently.

            After much struggle, they got some clue. The piece of information the mission team was able to decode revealed that the place of origin of the aliens was a galaxy far away from the milky way. The aliens came to earth after travelling at least three light years as per human measurement of distance!

            After the initial exchange of ideas about the planetary positions, the mission team sat together to analyse the gathered information. It was becoming more complex as they deliberated more on the topic.

            “Are they really travel these much light years or they have a science of speed that we do not know?” – That question remained unresolved in everyone’s mind. Moreover a part of the converted conversation about speed remained as a total mystery  “E34r4 drfrfr2 xwq4r4fc” – the alien language experts could not interpret those characters.

CHAPTER 21; The image of the alien planet

Dreams and imaginations always travel far ahead and amazingly faster than any science. It was true in the case of Animan Eka mission as well. Using the information that was being received from the aliens, the creative scientific artists in the Imanofutu Space Agency started to develop a detailed five dimensional image of the alien planet.

The artists imagined the alien planet with a light rose atmosphere , which was filled with lethal radiation. The planet was at least three times bigger than the earth and the matter was very much denser. The artists also imagined that the gravity of the alien planet was many times greater than the earth.

It was also imagined as a desert planet without water or any other liquid substance. Its terrain was full of sand hills. The sand was rich with radium and the radiation from it was the food of aliens. They had one week night and one weekday. The average temperature of the planet was minus thirteen.

The normal wind in the alien planet was stronger than the deadliest hurricane that had ever been occurring on the earth. However, it was not found to produce any destruction. “Why do the hurricanes are not destructive?”  - That was yet another mystery to be resolved.

In spite of the very high gravity and deadly hurricanes, the transparent aliens lived a normal life and moved freely. They always remained in the open and they did not have the concept of homes. The most importantly, apart from the aliens, there were no other species of living things!

CHAPTER 22; How do the aliens see

Once the artists at the Imanofutu Space Agency completed the first version of the 3D image of the alien planet, the mission team wanted to verify with the aliens whether the image had any resemblance to their planet. Then the crucial questions came up: “Can aliens see? If can, how do they see things”.

Now to get a breakthrough on the vision aspect of the aliens, the radiation language development team developed another set of radiation signals for words like colour, state of matter, size, shapes etc. It was challenging, but for the scientists it was an interesting job as usual.           Subsequently, they drafted an interview script. From the part of the mission team,  that discussion was led by Ms, Futura herself.

After eight hours long conversations, the mission team discovered stunning aspects about the vision of aliens. The first among them was the knowledge that the aliens were actually not seeing, but reading. The aliens, without any hesitation, had revealed the secrets of their vision abilities.

According to the aliens they had vision energy nodes all over their body as the men had sweat pores. There were two kinds of vision energy nodes, namely, sending nodes and receiving nodes. Both these nodes together called a vision energy unit.  The sending nodes sent out particular mode of radiation and the receiving nodes receive the radiation that returns while hitting on things. Their internal vision energy system analyzed it and made aliens read things.

The vision energy system of the aliens functioned just like an invisible scanner. They saw things in the minutest details. The aliens could also adjust their vision by regulating  the strength of radiation to adjust the depth of the image they wanted to analyse. They also informed that they could read the images produced by all men made instruments. At that, Ms. Futura informed the aliens about the image of the alien planet that the scientists developed and requested their support to verify it. The aliens intimated their willingness at once.

Immediately a VHM was sent to the aliens’ home and the image was displayed. After a few minutes, the mission team got that response from the aliens:

“Exactly the same!”

CHAPTER 23; Arguments on the status of aliens

‘Was aliens superior to the man or inferior?’ - it had become a matter of debate. A fraction of the scientists argued that the aliens were having only basic body systems and hence inferior to human beings. But the other fraction argued that though the body systems looked very basic, they carried out amazingly advanced functions and hence superior beings.

In a sense, the aliens were a mysterious invisible mass of self-regulated condensed energy that was unknown to the science of the man. At times they looked transparent as water bubbles and then appeared like bluish bubbles, probably based on some energy transformation processes that were happening in their bodies. The scanners of the mission team already taken thousands of such images.

Now the information on how aliens see was almost established, the argument that the aliens were superior to human beings. It became very clear to the mission team as well as all those who were observing the aliens, that they were  very higher order creatures with body systems that were completely unfamiliar to the science of the man.

The status of the aliens were supposed to be established beyond doubts by the interaction between the aliens and the biologists that was scheduled to be conducted within another forty eight hours.

Ms. Believera, a middle aged biologist in the mission team was found to be quite confused while returning to her work panel after a detailed discussion on the aliens. While repeatedly reviewing the images and video clips of the aliens from the scanners, she asked herself “are they really gods?”

CHAPTER 24; Alien language development becomes a craze

Once the communication channels with the Aliens were opened successfully and effectively, various departments of Imanofutu government  became very active in developing alien language for getting information on the related fields from the aliens.

The mission team openly shared the various features of the ‘radiation language’ in the netizens community networks. The mission team also conveyed the standard procedures to be followed while preparing for a conversation with the aliens.

Imanofutu Government conducted special orientation programmes on alien language development for the experts of its various departments, which in turn encouraged them to concentrate on alien language development seriously. Some  people took it as passionate like a literary work. They devoted substantial time to develop alien words, because they were well aware that their efforts would become a part of the history.

In order to get innovative ideas for developing the new language, a regular open forum was opened in a VHM channel. The social rejuvenation happened in the virtual world during the last presidential election was further accelerated by the alien topic. Thousands of young persons joined the forum in the initial hours of its launch itself. Finally, it went viral in no time. The departments adopted ideas from that virtual forum largely.  

The mission team examined the radiation language components that were being developed by the departments and helped them to fine-tune the same before actual interaction with the aliens. The mission team also consulted the aliens while fine tuning the same.

CHAPTER 25; Radiation language converter

In the meantime, highly inspired by the progress in developing the radiation language, Mr. Nucleon,  the veteran nuclear scientist, decided to develop a software for converting communications in Imana language to alien language and vice versa. He wanted to support the radiation language development in a meaningful way.

Mr. Nucleon, in fact, had an inclination towards software development from his school days onwards. Now he strongly believed that developing easier methods and tools to facilitate communication between the men and the aliens was the need of the hour. Eventually he landed in software development.

            Knowing about Mr. Nucleons plans, both Sugirl and Futura offered him all support. Mr. Nucleon was famous for quick actions that provided precise outputs. That time also the things were not different. He obtained even the minutest details about the radiation language development activities so far. After an initial analysis, he decided to work with the alien language development sub group of the Animan Eka mission. The mission team supported Mr. Nucleon with all data and other helps he wanted to develop the software.

Along with his software development venture, the veteran scientist also consulted the Innovation Lab at Imanofutu Space Agency for collaborative design and development of an equipment for the radiation language conversion. He wanted to ensure that the development of the software and the equipment to run the software should be completed immediately and simultaneously.

The concept of the equipment was chiefly about to receive the radiation or sound or text as input and provide the output  in any of the above three forms as required by the user. The equipment would also receive radiation communication directly from the alien vehicle to do the reverse process.

At last the collaboration came out victorious with a handy equipment loaded with the new software that easily converted language between the aliens and the men.

CHAPTER 26; Biologists interact with the aliens

With the discovery of radiation language translation equipment and the development of software to run it, the communication with the aliens had become as easy for the Imanofuteans as any foreign language.

            Since tremendous demand had risen from various government and non-government agencies for an opportunity to interact with aliens, the mission team prepared a schedule for the same in consultation with the aliens.

The interaction of a group of scientists from the Imanofutu Biological Institute with the aliens revealed the wonderful biological aspects of the aliens. The conversation of the biologists took off using the already available information like the communication and vision features of the aliens, the assumptions on the general nature of their body etc.

Till that time the science of the men identified only four states of matter, namely, gas, liquid, solid and plasma forms. Now the biologists came to know from the aliens about a fifth state of matter, which was not plasma, but plasma like condensed energy that function in a self-regulated way in the alien body! The aliens explained themselves as the personification of energy!

The aliens explained their body systems in detail to the biologists. Though they were condensed energy, their body was cool. It was really the various degrees of strange energy formations that functioned as body systems in the alien body. The flow of energy that starts from the energy concentrated parts was actually functioned both like a circulatory system and nervous system. It was when the energy flow went up some levels, the aliens looked like bluish bubbles.

The chemistry of life was amazingly strange in aliens. Since they boosted the energy within them by absorbing radiation energy directly, they did not have any digestive system.

Though the biologists knew that the study of biology of the aliens would not complete without knowing their social life, the team did not attempt it then because a detailed discussion on the social life was planned for a later time. Moreover, it took a very long time for the biologists to decode the above basic information as the aliens were completely different creatures with no similarities with the animals on the earth.

CHAPTER 27; Playing with the gravity

The next turn for conversation with the aliens belonged to the physicists. Imanofutean physicists stood shocked when they heard about the advancements of physics in the alien planet. From the start to the end, at every moment of the conversation, the Imanofutean physicists thought that they had to go a long way to understand the things the aliens communicated.

            The alien planet was three times bigger than earth with greater density of matter. Therefore, the gravitational force was around 3.8 times greater than the gravity of earth. That situation posed enormous challenges to the mobility of things.  

       Therefore, quite naturally, the developmental history of aliens in their planet was the story of fighting gravity. Since they originated in such a high gravity situation, their normal life on the planet was not an issue.  They faced deadly challenges while developing technologies for further advancement.

 Consequent on the higher gravity, inertia was also very high.    Therefore, based on necessities, they developed  scientific principles and technologies to exploit the possibilities of higher gravity and inertia for their benefit and they succeeded in it. Now on the earth, quite naturally they felt themselves very light as feathers.

 Since the radiation language that was used to communicate with the aliens by the Imanofutean scientists was still in its early stages of development, the physicists were not able to ask and the aliens were not able to explain more about the alien scientific principles and technologies. However, based on whatever information could be gathered,  the earthly physicists found that alien science and technologies were many times superior to what was available to men.

CHAPTER 28; Sugirl interacts with the aliens

Now what remained in the priority list prepared by the Animan Eka mission was an interaction between the social scientists of Imanofutu and the aliens to elicit information about the life and social systems in the alien planet. It was considered to be a star conversation because, Sugirl decided to lead the team of social scientists herself during the interaction with the aliens.

In accordance with the standard practice adopted so far, the alien language development team and the social scientists  worked together to develop an interview script. The specialty that time was the personal presence and active involvement of Sugirl in developing the script.

Sugirl very particular that the script was developed with ‘alternative living space’ as the central theme for information gathering. The very high energy level, pace, unbeatable tactics to create a collaborative working environment, care for colleagues, objectivity and the sharpness of the thought process of Sugirl in completing the development of the interview script very fast was observed with much amazement by the mission team. Most of the mission members were working with Sugirl for the first time.

On the interaction day, when Sugirl explained briefly about the social system in Imanofutu to get information on similar lines from the aliens, to her surprise, the aliens intimated her that they were well aware of the social systems on various parts of Earth. They had been, in fact, studying it for a few decades and in that attempt they had already completed hundreds of successful missions to Earth!

The aliens explained a totally different social system of their planet. They were getting organized automatically based on the nature and strength of condensed energy within them. Similarly, leaders were also not selected, but coming into existence based on the same energy theory.

There were no genders, procreation, births and deaths as familiar to the men. New aliens were not born, but originated in the nature of their planet, when the energy in their nature reached certain combination and levels. Similarly, they did not have the concept of death. What Sugirl and team was able to understand from the conversation that they dissolve to their nature when the energy levels in the body dipped to certain lower  levels.

The conversation about the social systems was really one of the most difficult conversations that the mission team facilitated with the aliens. New words kept on emerging as a hurdle during every few seconds of the conversation and it took substantial time to identify an equivalent word in Imana, even with the support of the language conversion equipment.

CHAPTER 29; Preparations for the aliens’ departure

The government of Imanofutu, along with other activities, was also preparing for the safe departure of the aliens to their home planet; the first ever official foreign planet passenger departure from the earth.

            It was quite interesting to think about. Even for travelling to the neighbouring country, which was just a hundred kilometres away, a lot of official formalities had to complete. Of course, since most of the procedures were online with digital passport and visas, the formalities were taken as very simple by the people. But in the current case, extremely different living beings depart to extremely different planet, with no room for such official formalities!

            The Imanofutu Space Organization started preparations for the departure of the aliens well in advance. Interestingly, the aliens did not want any technology support from men. They had a very matured system for landing and taking off from earth. Moreover, since they were very much used to take off and land in a gravity three times higher than that of the earth, taking off from the earth was a very easy process for them. The only thing the aliens requested was to move their vehicle from the radiation protection capsule to an open space.

CHAPTER 30; A last minute idea

As the time for the departure of aliens approached, Sugirl became very much anxious to ensure that all possible information had been gathered from them and a strong relation established with them to ensure continued collaboration.

            The president conducted extensive consultations everyday with the mission team, other experts, her colleagues in the government as well as the heads of other nations to ensure that maximum information was sought from the aliens before they leave.

Then, as a flash, a thought came to her mind “Why can’t we seek the support of aliens to save the country from the fast approaching asteroid danger?” She discussed it with the Imanofutu Space Agency team that monitor the asteroid emergency. Any help in that respect, small or big, would be a great relief. The team also thought that, since the alien technology was superior to that of the man, they would surely be able to help.

Immediately, a short script for requesting an additional conversation on asteroid emergency was prepared in the radiation language. Though aliens had already started the protocol for their return, they were found to be very much accommodative to that last minute conversation.

While accepting the conversation request, the aliens also intimated another good news to the mission team. Their experts on the alien planet developed an instrument that can capture the human voice in Imana language and convert it into their radiation language! An alien version of Nucleon’s language machine. The aliens proposed to use that instrument for that final conversation on an experimental basis!

CHAPTER 31; An information that brought tremendous relief

Immediately on knowing the willingness of the aliens for a conversation on the asteroid danger being faced by Imanofutu,  the asteroid mission team of the Imanofutu Space Agency, in collaboration with the alien language team at the alien mission developed a script for the conversation. Now they had more flexibility as the aliens promised to test their new language conversion equipment. The scientists could also speak in Imana to the aliens.

At the very outset of the conversation, the aliens intimated that there might occur some delays during the conversation  because of the parallel testing of the new equipment. However, during the conversation, it did not create much problem. On the other hand, the conversation became visibly more easy and effective.

After hearing the situation and request for support, the aliens said: “we flew near the asteroid and recorded the details during our onward journey and reported the same to our colleagues at home..”

“Today we got information that the trajectory of the asteroid is very much danger to the place we are now, after four years. We want the earth to be in the present form and we can ensure that the asteroid shall not do any damage to the earth. It is already taken care of.”

“We are, in fact, very much used to handling similar situations, as the higher gravity of our planet always attracts asteroids.” – The aliens continued.

  While proposing a conversation on that matter with the aliens, neither Sugirl nor the members of Asteroid mission dreamt of such an unbelievable support offer from the aliens!

CHAPTER 32; The alien technology to destroy the asteroid

During the conversation on the asteroid danger, the aliens briefed asteroid mission leaders about the similar kinds of dangers to which their planet had succumbed to earlier.

“How do you handle such dangers now?” – The asteroid mission leader asked.

“We have technology to repel gravity to reduce the speed of falling objects. You can call it as gravity break. We also have nuclear technology to cut huge masses like asteroids into pieces having shape, size and volume as we decide.”

“How do you use both these technologies to handle asteroids?”

“Using our Universe Observatory Network, we locate the asteroids immediately on its trajectory turns dangerous to our planet. Then we send huge robotic vehicles to cut the asteroid into pieces, arrest its velocity and push the pieces to uninhabited planets or co-planets.”

“It means, you have to start these procedures well in advance” – the asteroid team asked.

“Yes, locating a dangerous asteroid at a safe distance is very important”

“What would you suggest in our case?”- The asteroid mission leader asked.

“We can safely administer the above procedure and deposit the pieces on moon”

Though no pacts or agreements to ensure the compliance of such promises  were possible with the aliens, the Imanofutean scientific community was forced to accept the words of the aliens in its face value as there were no alternative solutions. When communicated to Sugirl, after a few seconds silence, she said: “behaviour of the aliens so far seems to be trustworthy. Let us believe in their promise and simultaneously work out our own ways”

CHAPTER 33; Seeing off the aliens

Though the depth and possibilities of the universe were more known to the scientists and general public of the twenty second century, the unexpected arrival of aliens and successful establishment of communication between the men and the aliens felt like a dream for many.

The advancements that various branches of science achieved during the  stay of aliens on the earth was also enormous. The mission team, Imanofutu government and others who virtually collaborated in the process were working restlessly. They were never seen tired. The levels of energy, curiosity and enthusiasm that were pumped into them by the arrival of the aliens were that much high.

At the time fixed in mutual consultation, the aliens moved out of their earthly home to the radiation protection capsule where their saucer shaped vehicle was awaiting a takeoff. During that time the scanners provided the images of aliens as dark blue bubbles indicating high internal processes in their body –because aliens were seen as blue when their internal functions increased substantially.

After entering their vehicle, the Aliens conveyed a heartfelt message conveying their gratitude.   When the robots started the process of pushing the alien vehicle out of the radiation protection capsule, each member in the mission team really felt the pang of a farewell. Within the past twenty one days’ time, there developed such an attachment between the men and the aliens

            Within a moment, the sentiments again gave way for curiosity; the curiosity to observe the takeoff procedure of the alien vehicle. But it was very simple. A very feeble humming was heard from the vehicle first. Then it was lifted slightly from the ground and began to spin. The speed of the spinning increased to amazingly higher levels in a few seconds and the alien vehicle just disappeared. No human equipment was able record its trajectory, because its take off speed was beyond imagination!

After the departure of the aliens, while congratulating the mission team and all others who provided wholehearted support for the successful completion of the mission, Sugirl said “Let us follow the aliens using the radiation language technology and the friendship we have developed. Hopefully the strengthened bondage between us and the alien friends would ensure the wellbeing of our dearest Mother Earth for many more millions of years”.


P. Anil Prasad lives in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. The first volume of futuristic fiction series Imanofutu was released in 2013. The second volume of Imanofutu with the subtitle ‘The eventful start of Sugirl’s presidency was published on December 25, 2014. He authored the story collections The Netizens, The Quake and other stories and Bhukambavum mattukathakalum (Malayalam). He has also published an educational book Athirukalillathe Arivinte Lokam (Malayalam)

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