Important characters in the Vol.1; A 21 cy portraitEdit

  • Humit – Acronym for humanist integrated technologist, protagonist. He was a senator of Imanofutu for long and became the president in 2090.
  • Reoman – Acronym for revolutionary open education man. He was a professor of Information Technology at Imacifutu State Skills University. Reoman was a very crucial person during the successful implementation of online open education as the mainstream education system in Imanfutu, which was necessitated by the drastic effects of climate change in the Imanofutean social life.
  • Reona – Acronym for revolutionary open education woman. She was a student of Reoman and later became his colleague at Imacifutu State Skills University. They cared each other very much.
  • Imbusman – Acronym for Imaginary Business Man. Ibusman. He was a petroleum industrialist who lost business completely during the second half of twenty first century consequent on the ban on foil fuel as a measure to fight climate change.
  • Triag – Acronym for triumphant agriculturalist. Triag started his career as a researcher and later became a farmer, who fought with the climate change problems that adversely affected agriculture. He wanted to bring back the old rich greeneries of Imanofutu.
  • Mewstrath – Acronym for Medico with strange thoughts. He suspected the increasing cancer cases were the early indications of another wave of biological evolution.
  • Prof. Sincebota – Acronym for sincere botanist. He became the chairman of Imanofutu Botanic Research Association (IBRA). He was very much worried about the large scale disappearance of plant species in Imanofutu consequent on global warming.
  • Transin – Acronym for Transition Senator A very famous Imanofutean senator during 2030s.
  • Heless Guad – Acronym for Helpless Guard. He saw many unfortunate events in the streets caused by mad weathers.
  • Chawit – Acronym for Change Witness. Chawit was the chief editor of ‘The Imanofutu Daily’, who witnessed the complete transition of print media to digital.

Important characters in the Vol.2; The eventful start of Sugirl's presidencyEdit

  • Sugirl – Acronym for Super Girl; the first human child created from artificially developed gene, by adding the qualities required to sustain in the changed global environment. Later she was adopted by Humit, the president of Imanofutu during the last part of 21st century. She became the president of Imanofutu during the beginning of 22nd century. She became a lady with amazing characteristics and capabilities.

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Important characters in the Vol.3; The first alien home on EarthyEdit

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